Hand-coloured lino print

Artwork size: 29cm x 24 cm

Framed size: 52cm x 46cm x 2 cm



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Could he be Adelaide’s Poet Laureate? Paul has provided the soundtrack to much of my life. I’ve seen him play more times than I can count. One night that stands out was at the Tivoli in the mid-80s (well, where did you go on a Saturday night?), enveloped in cigarette smoke, feet sticking to the carpet (probably in my back stiletto boots …) crushed shoulder to shoulder, ears ringing as the home-town crowd roared their approval of Adelaide sharing, or possibly totally missing, the irony.

The song titles in the print were chosen by asking friends their fave PK songs. There was a lot of common ground but a few outliers. Overall winner? Tough call … Gravy perhaps (though it’s not in my personal top ten), possibly Dumb Things by a whisker.

Image is 24 x 29 cm, printed on paper approx 32 x 39 cm.