Ordering tracking

We have two different brands of tracking: AIG Tracking (6m lengths cut to size) and Click Rail (comes in 2m or 3m lengths, cut to size if required)

  1. Measure the walls you want to install hanging track
  2. Note how many artworks for each wall
  3. Email us this information and we can create a quote or order

If you are unsure, or the space is complicated or business, we are happy to come to you and measure up and make recommendations.

We can often have your hanging track order ready within 24 hours if required, but usually a couple of days notice for any custom lengths needing cutting is best.

Hanging track is charged by the metre at $30.00 per metre.

The Hangers (nylon drop lines) are $8.50 each.

The Ratchet Hooks are $8.50 each


Tracking Specifications

AIG tracking:

Click Rail: can hold 30kg per metre

Comes in White or Aluminium, 2m or 3m lengths

Each Ratchet Hook is designed to hold up to 15kg.

Click Rail perlon Hanger (the drop line) is designed to hold up to 20kg

AIG Tracking perlon Hanger:

You can put more than one picture on the same set of hangers.

Installation of tracking

The simplest way to explain the installation is in person but to give an idea:

Tracking is installed in a straight line usually about 2.6-3m from the floor. It is not advised to install it directly touching the ceiling, as drilling that close to the ceiling is difficult.

AIG tracking: screws go through pre-drilled holes in the tracking itself (above the rail in a flat plate. (screws will need painting after installation).


Click Rail: The railing is clicked on to screwed in fixtures. These fixtures act as anchors in your wall and are completely hidden after installation. All fixtures are included.

To enquire about the installation process and prices, please use the form below to contact us directly.

Contact us for hanging track enquiries

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