Hand-coloured lino print

Artwork size: 29cm x 24 cm

Framed size: 52cm x 46cm x 2 cm



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Yes, I know she was born in Wales, but she’s ours, isn’t she? Our first female Prime Minister and our first red-haired PM. I think it’s ok to say that, because she allegedly called herself ‘ranga-in-chief’ (Is this true? I tried to check but could find nothing to disprove it.) I relate. I might not be a natural redhead but I’ve been one for so long I can’t actually remember what colour my hair really is. Julia’s time as PM was a somewhat fraught tenure, but there’s some things that can’t be taken away, including the magnificence of her legendary misogyny speech.

Image is 24 x 29 cm, printed on paper approx 32 x 39 cm.