About Art Consultation

Our team can assist you in the selection of artwork for your home or business. Whether you are renting art for a workplace or selecting artworks for your home, we have a service to help you through this process.

Artwork has the potential to make an impact on all environments and can benefit both the client and employee experience and culture. Art can impact mood, improve wellbeing, and create a talking point just to list a few of the positives.

With this in mind, the selection process can be daunting for some people.

As a gallery with over 30 years experience, we can confidently assist in the selection and provide a service that will cater to individual tastes and budgets.


how it works

We are happy to either come to your home to see your needs, or work with you in the gallery to make some initial selections. If you visit us, a few photos of the spaces needing artwork is helpful in this process.

If you find it helpful to see the artwork in the home prior to making the final decision, we are happy to bring the selections to your home and help place them with you.

We offer delivery and installation services to help assist in this process.


Contact us for more information on consultancy.

Alternatively, you can visit us!

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