Why frame with us?

Art Images Gallery offers a comprehensive range of framing options to suit any style and budget.  We specialise and understand the benefits of conservation framing so the aesthetic integrity of an artwork is retained. By using high quality archival materials we are able to preserve and maintain the  value and characteristics of an artwork over the long term.

All work is guaranteed  and carried out in the workshop at the rear of the Gallery. If you are unhappy with any aspects we will address your concerns.

We frame fine art as well as certificates, photos, mirrors and memorabilia.

Fine Art Framing

Picture framing is critical in the protection and presentation of art. If the artwork is to be fully appreciated the appropriate frame makes an incredible difference. Custom framing of original artworks takes a special eye and appreciation for fine art. Understanding the nature of the artwork is critical to determine the best framing option. We use acid free backing and archival mats to ensure the integrity of the art work is maintained and if required reversible. A variety of options are available, at Art Images Gallery we find the ideal framing solution to suit both your home and your budget.

Canvas Stretching

We custom make a stretcher frame to suit the individual art work.

Whether it is an indigenous painting on linen or a modern work on canvas/cotton requiring re-stretching to achieve its former glory we have the solution.

Once your canvas or linen is stretched, we can consider frames.  We have a comprehensive range of shadow frames which can give canvases the finishing touch.

Restoration and Conservation Framing

If you have something that is valuable, conservation framing is necessary but there are degrees of conservation framing. The right advice is important and our trained staff will guide you through the options. The causes of artwork deterioration vary and not all can be controlled. Long term exposure to light and damaging UV can be minimized by using TruVu or Museum Glass. TruVu glass reduces the effects of UV by 70% and Museum glass by 90%. Both substantially reduce glare and reflections when compared with standard glass.

If you have an artwork that has been damaged we can refer you to a conservation and restoration specialist before re-framing your artwork.

Framing and stretching for Artists

If you’re an artist preparing for an exhibition or just looking to have your work framed, come in and speak to us about our artist rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

All framing is custom made to order and quotes can be given before any job. We endeavor to price the framing competitively but our focus is on quality materials and production. We can usually quote on site in the gallery if you bring in the item/s to be framed. If you require a quote over the phone or by email we are happy to do so. We need to know the following details for an accurate quote: Material: drawing on paper, painting on canvas, photograph, bark painting etc. Size: Framed size if you are having something re-framed, or artwork/image dimensions. The look you want: Double mat, single mat, float mounted, stretched, box framed etc.

How long will it take?

We work on a turnaround of two weeks from receiving the item/s to be framed. If the job is completed sooner, you will be contacted. If there are any delays on completing you order, you will be contacted.

What is Tru Vu Glass?

Tru Vu is specialty picture framing glass which reduces reflection and eliminates 90% of damaging ultra violet light.

My artwork is too big to fit in my car, do you deliver?

Yes we deliver! And if required we will pick up! We have a van, but if this is not big enough, there are local couriers that we trust. For interstate deliveries we use art couriers, Australia Post or courier services depending on size and value of the individual job.

Do you offer Installation?

Yes we install! Our installer is experienced, professional and friendly. We offer installation on any items framed or purchased through the gallery.