Crisp Like an Apple

Acrylic and oil on canvas, framed in oak

Artwork size: 90cm x 90 cm

Framed size: 93cm x 93cm x 5 cm



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‘Crisp Like an Apple’ is one of the ‘Chasing Rainbows’ series in which colour is the subject and inspiration. Colour is such an important element in my work, but  I don’t have any one favourite colour, I simply love the rainbow: the full colour spectrum in all its wonderful glory. It is incredibly fun to mix colours on the palette and make new tints, tones, and shades.

Although this body of work was initially conceived as an exploration of the psychological, physical, and cultural associations of the colour spectrum with all the main hues (ROYGBIV) championed in their own individual painting, I found my own emotional responses to certain colours drove the way the body of work evolved. So, the calming nature of greens and blues tends to dominate in the bigger works over the more excitable reds which have been relegated to smaller sized canvas. Bluish-violets, another favourite hue, also gets a starring role as I enjoy the moody femininity of this hue.

And this is what is so interesting about colour: we are drawn to colours based upon our personal experiences and broader cultural associations. The language of colour is at once individual AND universal. I would like you as the viewer to reflect upon your favourite colours, to think about why you like them. Perhaps you remember your bright pink bedroom walls and love that colour still today? Or maybe its the opposite: it is too cloying for your adult taste?

Either way, whilst these paintings are my very personal response to the rainbow, I hope you find them uplifting.