Current Exhibitions

Yasmin Grass

12 October - 11 November

Yasmin Grass is an Adelaide-based artist whose work explores the juxtaposition of interior and exterior decorative elements. Drawing inspiration from her own home and garden, Yasmin's paintings explore how objects and nature relate to one another both on the canvas and in our daily lives.

View the exhibition online here

Nevin Hirik

12 October - 11 November

Nevin Hirik is a Turkish-born artist, who is based between her homes of Melbourne, Australia and Eski Datca, Turkey. Airily translucent female figures represent the focal point of Nevin’s paintings, profiled against textural backdrops of colour.

View the exhibition online here

Cristina Metelli

12 October - 11 November

Cristina Metelli is an Italian-born artist now based in Adelaide. Her hand-painted metal wire and ceramic sculptures are inspired by the diversity and beauty of nature and how we as humans experience it.

View the exhibition online here

Upcoming Exhibitions

There are currently no upcoming exhibitions listed. Please check again soon.

Previous Exhibitions

Craig Penny

7 September - 7 October

After too long a break, much loved Melbourne artist Craig Penny is back with another cracker of an Exhibition! No one else does water and sky quite like Craig Penny. 

View the exhibition online here

Tiffany Kingston

7 September - 7 October

Paintings and prints on display from our favourite Byron Bay artist! Built up throuh many layers and re-workings, Tiffany creates beautiful work in a stunning colour palette.

View the exhibition online here

Amica Whincop

29 June - 29 July

Amica Whincop (b.1978) is an Australian abstract artist, recognised for her undulating ‘stone’ like forms which float gently around the canvas.  Predominantly influenced by the intricacies of nature, its fragility and strength, there is something simultaneously tranquil and passionate about the pieces she creates.

View Amica's artworks online here

The Festival of Leunig

25 May - 24 June 2018

Acclaimed Artist, writer and commentator Michael Leunig is back and bigger than ever! 

Filling our two whole gallery spaces with original paintings, etchings and giclee prints, we are excited to be hosting the Festival of Leunig!

View the original artworks online here.

View the signed giclee prints available here.

Delivery insterstate from $40 framed.