Nevin Hirik

Nevin Hirik is an artist, who was born in Turkey, and now resides in Melbourne, Australia and Eski Datca, Turkey. For Nevin, The female figure represents the focal point of the environment created around it. Her female figures are gentle, airily translucent and emotional. The figures are stripped back from the human to the energy of a soul. That soul orchestrates a mood, which dictates the observer’s response to the image in view. Paintings, which engage an image, usually of a young female, are totally subjected to a defining background mood. Nevin’s quirky, angular figures are profiled against the velvety darkness of night. Tough, young and vivacious they seem like metaphors for the artist herself, who emphatically states:

“My work is my philosophy, it is my life, and it is me. It is my experiences, my passion, and my desire. I cannot separate it from my life, as it is what I am. All of the pain, the happiness, the love, and my emotions escape from my body and splashed over my canvas for all to see, for all to feel. 

Nothing is hidden, there is no secret, you just have look and you will see all…” n.h.

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