Lynn Mack

Lynn Mack is a contemporary still life and landscape painter from Ireland. Her printmaking background and BA (hons) in Fine Art influenced her unique painting style as she uses blocks of colour in layers then makes marks and lines onto canvas or timber similar to the etching and engraving process.

Making a move to Adelaide in 2014 opened up a new world of light and colour for her. The decorative paintings document the plant life, turquoise seas and a range of archaeological objects that she has discovered since following the work of Flinders University archaeologist and fellow Irish woman, Susan Arthure.

Influenced by Angie Lewin’s lino prints, The Book of Kell’s and Aboriginal markings, Lynn’s paintings contain tribal, historical, and cultural depths. Circles, dots and linear markings help her to feel connected with her Irish past intertwined with her Australian present.

“Art has become a way for me to process and understand my environment during my world travels, drawing by drawing, painting by painting.”  – Lynn Mack