Diana Wiseman

Solo Exhibition 'Exploration & Memory' runs from 25 June - 25 July 2021

Diana Wiseman is an award winning painter and printmaker who has lived in Mount Gambier, South Australia since the late 1970’s. A love of rural pursuits and a fascination for contemporary Australian art since childhood, led Diana to study art at Teachers College and later at TAFE in the 1980’s majoring in painting, drawing and printmaking.

Diana is not a realist painter. She works intuitively using colour, mark making, space and texture to create an image of landscape for the viewer. Whilst images are arrived at spontaneously, a love of the natural and rural landscape guides the process.  Diana begins a painting with a large house brush and free mark making. Then the picture goes its own way, with wiping out, adding and taking out, drips and scrapes, rotating the canvas and simplifying areas.