Bev Puckridge

Bev Puckridge is an Adelaide based artist exhibiting extensively throughout Australia since 1989.

Best known for her paintings on canvas and fine art paper, Bev’s artworks emerge from somewhere between fantasy and dreams. They depict a whimsical view of a surreal world filled with strong-minded females who love to dress up, wear outlandish hats and wander through bizarre gardens where they converse with birds and other fantastical creatures. Each piece has its own obscure story based on literature, myths and legends.

Bev is motivated by the idea of camouflage. This play of beauty and unconventional adornment creates an edgy tension in her vivid works of art.

Bev has a long history of involvement in the arts as both a visual arts lecturer and practicing artist, and now works full-time in her studio. Previous bodies of work have included oil and acrylic paintings, illustrations and ceramics. These works have been collected by Australian and international art lovers for a number of years.