Ghosts and Nests

Acrylic paint, Inktense pencil, oil crayon and tree bark pressings on cotton rag paper sealed with varnish on wooden panel

Artwork size: 61cm x 46 cm

Framed size: 64cm x 49cm x 3 cm



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In February 2022, my home and studio suffered a massive landslide during the devastating flooding, which affected most people where I live, and indeed, throughout many other parts of Australia.

For some time, my surrounding landscape was a collapsed and broken version of what it once was — it felt eerie, ghostly and unlivable. However, as the months unfolded I watched the gradual return of life in its many forms — plants burst into growth and wildlife swung into a frenzied breeding.

This work acknowledges the power of nature and expresses its ability to break, distort, heal and nurture.