Miertje Skidmore

Miertje has developed and perfected a signature style over many years. Primarily, she is motivated by the natural environment, but it is her process of production that is truly unique. In place of brushstrokes, Miertje’s work may include up to eight layers of poured viscous paint that are applied to allow chance and unpredictability in each composition. On first glance the viewer is confronted by the power and energy of the works but upon closer inspection, infinite detail and tiny dimensions are revealed, creating a dual effect. 

With their grand scale, bold use of colour, and high gloss finish, Miertje Skidmore’s abstracted landscapes, depict the power of the elements and their capacity for destruction and regeneration. Channels of paint reveal a complex galaxy of colours, bleeding into each other and forming macro and micro cosmos, which gently absorb the viewer. 

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