Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams’ most recent work focuses on his complete captivation with the sea. His always empty isolated boats, silently drifting in calm and motionless water, suggest a mystery unknown. Where are the people? At once mesmerising, Marshall’s use of space in the painting creates a time and place that is not quite of this world. Although skilled with both oil and acrylic paints, he captures light and colour with subtleties rarely seen in acrylic paintings, with flaring red skies of the sunset, the glow of dusk, the waning light of day or a misty pale twilight. 

Marshall Williams lives and works in Melbourne as a full time practicing artist. He studied fine art at Monash University, Caulfield campus, has taught fine art and photography, has work in numerous private and corporate collections, and has travelled extensively. He lives and works over looking Port Phillip Bay and his new work reflects his continuing passion for the sea, the empty expanses, sunset visions, boats, buildings and vistas.

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