Ieva Pocius

Ieva Pocius (1923-2010) is considered one of South Australia’s pioneering modernist sculptors. Born in Lithuania, she migrated to Australia in 1951, where she became the first student to major in sculpture at the South Australian School of Art in 1962. She went on to lecture part-time at the school for over a decade, while at the same time exhibited in Australia and overseas including the USA, Canada and Austria. Pocius completed a number of commissions over her forty year career, most notably her life-sized sculpture of Catherine Helen Spence in Light Square.

Pocius’ abstract forms have been compared to those of other prominent émigré sculptors of the post-war era, such as Inge King and Julius Kane. The materials she worked with include metal, mild steel, bronze, wood, cement, papier mache and collage. Her sculptures reference a combination of thoughts, upbringing, influences and experiences in her life.

‘She is the most enduring sculptor of her vintage in Adelaide apart from John Dowie, and her work is one of Adelaide’s best-kept secrets.’  – Adam Dutkiewicz, The Advertiser, 9 July, 1999.

Photo: Ieva Pocius in her studio c. 1995.