Annie Glass

Annie Glass was born in Melbourne and showed a strong interest and talent in art since she was very young. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Art (Major in Sculpture) at Monash University in 1998, Annie worked in bronze before moving to wire. The movement and immediacy of the material appealed to her.

Annie has been working in wire for almost 15 years. She recently moved to Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula with her husband and three children.

Annie’s work is best described as whimsical and often humorous snapshots of life. Dogs and the human form feature in her work along with movement.

Annie has been involved in many group and solo exhibitions as well as having her own stand in the Emerging Artist section of Art Melbourne and Sydney. This is her first time exhibiting and visiting in Adelaide.


“I like to have humour in my work as I find that people can identify with a humorous piece. I like to give the works an Australian flavour and I find the beach, dogs and the Hills hoist work towards that. I want to remind people of their childhoods and just generally use human themes so people can identify with the work. It is figurative because I want it to be accessible to the average person and to tell a story about life. Sculpture is my passion and I am so lucky to be doing something that I love and it makes other people happy too.”