Why Art Images Gallery picture framing?

Art Images Gallery offers a carefully curated range of framing options to suit any style and budget. As a Gallery we specialise in custom Fine Art framing and conservation framing, we understand art and understand picture framing.

Picture framing is critical in the presentation of art, If the artwork is to be fully appreciated the appropriate picture framing makes an incredible difference.

Picture Framing options

Conservation framing

If you have something that is valuable conservation framing is necessary but there are degrees of conservation framing, Not all art work requires conservation framing. The right advice is important and out trained staff will guide you through the options.

Why spend more money on picture framing than you need to? At Art Images Gallery we pride ourselves on good quality at a reasonable price.

Whether you need an aboriginal canvas stretched, a work on paper framed, poster or family photo we have the expertise and the solution.

No picture framing job is too small or too big. If you have an artwork too big for your car we can pick up and if required deliver and install anywhere in metropolitan Adelaide.

What type of glass?

Normal glass is suitable on many pictures but there are some snappy new products which are very impressive.

Museum glass reduces damaging UV by 90%, Tru Vu by 70% and both reduce reflection more effectively than the old non reflective glass of last century. The clarity is amazing!

Tru Vu glass is a good option for valuable objects and custom picture framing. It is the picture framing glass of the future.


The two most common questions

How much will my picture framing cost?
When will it be ready?

At Art Images Gallery we pride ourselves on good quality picture framing at a reasonable price. We are competitive, not the cheapest and certainly not the most expensive.

Allow ten working days ……unless of course you need it quickly, just let us know.

And if you need delivery and installation it can also be arranged.

Box picture framing

Box framing is a popular option when framing sporting memorabilia or any other three dimensional object.

Plates, medals, walking sticks and jumpers can be framed in this manner. It is important that the glass doesn't touch the item when framed hence the box frame is the solution.

Box picture framing turns an ordinary looking object into a museum piece.


Corporate and commercial

While the good old days of framing up hundreds of Pro Hart prints to be sold during the Test Cricket on Channel 9 are long gone we can still manage volume. If you have the next Pro Hart talk to us, we still frame for wineries, schools and advertising agencies.

We also supply hotels with art works and frame them to suit. In the past we have worked with many of the biggies including Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental and Radison Plaza.

From sourcing art through to picture framing and installation Art Images Gallery have the expertise.

Interior Designers

Art Images Gallery staff work closely with interior designers. Interior designers and decorators are  welcome to bring their clients into the Gallery when consulting.

Art Images Gallery has collaborated on many projects with the most selective designers on both commercial and domestic projects.

If you require any information on picture framing contact Art Images Gallery 83630806 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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