Why Art Images Gallery picture framing?

Art Images Gallery offers a carefully curated range of framing options to suit any style and budget.  Established more than thirty years, at Art Images Gallery we specialise in fine art and understand the benefits of conservation framing. We guide you through the various options and explain the picture framing options. 


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Picture framing is critical in the presentation of art, If the artwork is to be fully appreciated the appropriate picture framing makes an incredible difference. We can frame photographs, oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, linoprints, watercolours, giclee prints, certificates, degrees, canvases and more. For more information on particular framing styles please follow the links below:

Fine Art Framing

Prints and Reproduction Framing

Canvas Stretching

Restoration and Conservation Framing

Certificates, Photos, Mirrors and Memorabilia




Fine Art Framing

Picture framing is critical in the protection and presentation of art. If the artwork is to be fully appreciated the appropriate frame makes an incredible difference. Custom framing of original artworks takes a special eye and appreciation for fine art. Understanding the nature of the artwork is critical to determine the best framing option. We use acid free backing and archival mats to ensure the integrity of the art work is maintained and if required reversible. A variety of options are available, at Art Images Gallery we find the ideal framing solution to suit both your home and your budget. 

If you're an artist preparing for an exhibition or just looking to have your work framed, come in and speak to us about our artist rates.


Prints and reproduction framing

All works on paper including water colours and original prints (etchings, screen-prints and lithographs) and reproduction artworks including giclee's need frames, mountboards and glass. Art Images Gallery has a wide range of mountboards in a multitude tones and shades. We find the perfect match to compliment your art work then help you select the right frame and glass.



Canvas Stretching

In order to minimise deterioration, using high quality products has advantages so your artwork will stand the test of time. Timber thickness has to be considered and is important so as to avoid distortions.  We tailor your stretcher frame to suit your individual art work. Whether it is an indigenous painting on linen or a modern work on cotton requiring re-stretching to achieve its former glory we have the solution.  Once your canvas or linen is stretched, we can consider frames.  We have a comprehensive range of shadow frames which can give canvases the finishing touch.  


Restoration and conservation framing

If you have something that is valuable conservation framing is necessary but there are degrees of conservation framing. The right advice is important and our trained staff will guide you through the options. The causes of artwork deterioration vary and not all can be controlled. Long term exposure to light and damaging UV can be minimized by using TruVu or Museum Glass. TruVu glass reduces the effects of UV by 70% and Museum glass by 90%. Both substantially reduce glare and reflections when compared with standard glass. 

If you have an artwork that has been damaged we can refer you to a conservation and restoration specialist before re-framing your artwork. 














Certificates, photos, mirrors and memorabilia

Custom framing the precious pieces and captured memories are something we pride ourselves on. There are a variety of options available for all shapes and sizes, please contact us for more information about your specific requirements. 



How much will it cost?

There are a variety of factors to take into account when framing an artwork and each can affect the final price of a custom picture frame. If you would like a no obligation quote please use the above form, send us an e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call  83630806

How long will it take?

Allow 10 working days, if you require your custom picture framing done faster let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate.

What is TruVu glass and Museum glass and why would you need it?

All art is susceptible to light damage although some materials are more sensitive to heat and light than others. Textiles, watercolours, some inks, pastels and gouache are the most susceptible to damage with long term exposure. Museum glass reduces the damaging UV by 90%, Tru Vu by 70%, both reduce reflection more effectively than the old non reflective glass. 

My artwork is too big for my car, do you deliver?

We can deliver in and around the CBD or if you are further away we will organise a reputable art courier to deliver your work. There may be a surcharge for this service. 

What is the best way to hang a painting?

There are no hard and fast rules to hanging an artwork. Generally, one third of the art work is above eye level (is a good place to start) but then you can adjust this depending on the position of furniture or other objects or spaces that may affect the positioning. In short, if you like it, it’s right. As far as the right hooks and hangers it depends on the type of wall you are hanging the artwork on. Gyprock usually requires a toggle hook, and brick requires plugs and screws. There is also the option of installing a hanging rail to easily change or adjust your art works. If you would like help installing your please ask us and we can either supply advice or come and hang for you. 



If you require any information on picture framing contact Art Images Gallery 83630806 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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